The Poisonwood Bible, by Barbara Kingsolver Essay

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What Is The True Religion?

The realities of Congo rescued her from the mental enslavement of her father, Nathan Price. Nathan, a Baptist evangelist journeyed with his four daughters and wife to the Belgian Congo with his mission to save the unenlightened souls of the Congolese people. His aim was to accomplish this through his strict biblical sanctions and his firm belief in his Christian faith. As a child who respects their parents' religion and belief, Leah was compassionate and genuine about her father's faith and his outlook on life. For this reason, she and her other sisters were slaves to his doctrine. They believed that his words were always true and his idea of saving the Congolese people would be a success. However, as time …show more content…

Nathan's quest to save the souls of the Congolese people was a very arduous task. He had to deal with people who were of different faiths and beliefs. Nathan being rigid and insular to the Congolese people beliefs and customs he refuses to understand and respect the beliefs of these people. Instead, he imposed his doctrines unto them and demanding that they become Christians and for them to believe that his religion is correct and that no other religion follows. This egomaniac behavior was demonstrated during one of his encounter with Tata Ndu, the chief of Kikango when he was told that the people of Congo were not Christians, Nathan was outraged because he thought that they were committing an act of sin since they did not believe in Jesus Christ. As Leah listened to her father she began to realize how ignorant her father was towards the Congolese people and their beliefs. It was during this time she began to question her faith.

Leah's lost for her faith was truly established when her father decided to stay in the Congo during the period of war when Congo was gaining their independence. Although her father was told that it would be unsafe for him and his family he decided to stay because he wanted to fulfill his is mission which was to "Americanize" and "Christianize" the people of Congo. As Leah watched the Underdowns, who were also firm believers of the Christian

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