The Police Force : The Power Of Force

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“The police must obey the law by enforcing the law” (Earl Warren). All police officers are given the authority to use force. When force may be applied and how much should be applied vary on the situation or circumstance. Force is defined as physical power or coercion used upon or directed toward another person (RioLearn, 2017). Force must be deemed reasonable and justified based on the circumstances than an officer must use it such as for self-defense, making arrests, preventing escape, or in protecting others. There are many cases when force has been used in a positive way for the police force and situations where officers abuse their power of force and take advantage of the law. Police officers have been involved in numerous cases involving force being handled lawfully. There are elements of force such as does an individual have the ability to carry out an action, was there opportunity, and is the officer’s life in peril? Each law enforcement officer is different and so are their decisions about handling various situations. Back in March of 2015 a young woman reported her husband was threatening to kill her and her landlady. Later that evening four patrolmen went to the residence of the suspect Theodore Johnson’s to investigate the claim. Upon arrival while climbing the stairs Officer David Muniz walked around the corner and was hit by a bullet from Mr. Johnson’s weapon. The officer exclaimed that he had been hit and the others now preceded with caution. At this point

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