The Policy : Shaming It Boss Sponsored Delayed Motherhood

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Arguments against
Those opposing the policy are shaming it boss-sponsored delayed motherhood, signaling the idea that women need to promote their loyalty to a company by postponing motherhood and committing to their careers in order to succeed. This opens a risk of stigma for women who do not opt for the policy being labeled as ‘less-loyal’ and egotistic. Another risk the policy poses is false pretense. Besides the risk associated with all medical procedures and those exclusive to cryopreservation, egg freezing has only recently had its experimental label removed, but is continuing to report poor rates of success, sometimes as low as 13%. Employers have a duty of care to provide a health and safe workplace for all employees. In doing so,
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In addition, the procedure produces surplus embryos, considered to be an unnecessary creation and disposal of human life under this framework.

For consequentialists, the low success rate and experimental nature suggests that fertility preservation is not always in the best interest of the individual as it may result in unfortunate consequences. Employers come under scrutiny for selling the benefit as an insurance policy whilst bypassing the very serious health effects. The reality is that egg freezing cannot guarantee successful childbirth later in life. For women who are not successful, egg freezing can lead anguish and regret of not being able to have a longed-for child, a scenario far worse than a pay increase or a temporary career hold. In this sense, it is the employers’ interest at heart and the good is not maximized.

A modern approach
Deontology and consequentialism have been in place for centuries and have helped examined topics of debate from two very different viewpoints. Given the complexity and the ‘freshness’ of the topic discussed in this paper, a modern approach to ethics may be beneficial. Alas, we arrive at virtue ethics – the theory that emphasizes the virtue or moral character of ones actions. Different societies will have different reactions to the egg-freezing
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