Hsm 542 Week 1&2 Discussion Essay

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------------------------------------------------- Top of Form Week 1: Introductions/Overview: An Ethical and Legal Framework - Discussion This week's graded topics relate to the following Terminal Course Objectives (TCOs): A | Given a situation related to reproductive genetics, genetic research, or the human genome project, develop a set of legal and ethical guidelines, which can be applied to genetic issues for the conduct of medical practice and/or research. | B | Given the contentious debate surrounding issues of procreation, develop an institutional policy, which can be applied to the range of treatment and research issues related to procreation. | C | Given the mandate for advance directives, informed consent, and the…show more content…
If I were at that hospital clear cut rules would be discussed regarding premature infant deaths along with sensitivity training. Check points would be set up so that family would not have access to the actual areas where these infants were held after their passing. A separate room would be set aside to facilitate this type of viewing. Resource: Pozgar, G., (2012). Legal aspects of health care administration (11th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning. | | | | | RE: Hello | Lloyreen Moss | 3/7/2013 6:59:20 PM | | | I'm wondering what everyone things about the recent news story of a nursing home in Bakersfield California who has a policy against its employees giving CPR? I am required to have CPR certification as a massage therapist. When I went through the training, I was under the impression that once you get certified, it is your duty to provide CPR if it is needed. I assume the nurses who worked at the facility were CPR certified. Yet there is a policy that bans them from giving CPR to the residents. I understand that there is a risk of liability when this happens, which could be deemed as an unintentional tort if someone is hurt from CPR. However, isn't a bigger issue if you are CPR certified and refuse to give CPR? Doesn't that open you up for negligence? I'd like to know what others think... Here's
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