The Causes And Effect Of The French And Indian War

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7 Years of War “French and Indian war” What were the causes and effect of the war? Ana Rodriguez 6th period 03/10/15 What were the causes and effect of the French and Indian war? “The last and most destructive of the four Anglo-French Colonial wars, was the French and Indian war.” Took place on 1754-1763, and together with its European counterpart, the seven years war. Start with England declaring war on France, and ending with the Treaty of Paris. Impacting the war with many challenging experiences. The war war was a enormously disaster on the economic side. That the government finance the seven year’s war with debt. What cause the Seven Years war? The French and Indian war was cause by many resulted tension in North America. French and British imperials and colonist sought to extend each country’s sphere of influence in frontier regions. Their origin in the trade with Native Americans, sparke the French and Indian war. “French claimed territory surrounding the Great Lake. They were hoping to succeed from the furs trade with the Indians. And the war began with French and their Indians allies Indians allies, “(the majority of peoples in the Northeast and upper Midwest”) attacking British frontier settlements. The Seven year’s War did not began good for the British. So the governor from British order General Edward Braddock 's to go to the colonies as the
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