The Political Of Political Globalization

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Globalization refers to the “process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and government of different nations”. Globalization can be broken into three parts: economic, political, and cultural. This essay will be focusing in the political part of globalization. When it comes to the topic political globalization, we tend to think of countries coming together to discuss global issues that are affecting every single individual in this world. Indeed, it is true, political globalization can be seen in several aspects, from the cooperation of countries to the domination of others. In this essay, I will focus in the dominant aspect of political globalization, and how it affects the lives of individuals. Domination is the control or influence over something or someone. In the United States, the dominant aspect of political globalization can be seen in military spending and the spreading of ideologies. Military spending is an example of domination of political globalization in the United States. In the article, “America’s staggering defense budget,” Brad Plummer states that the United States spends more on defense and security than education and Medicare. Plummer highlights that in 2011, the US government spends about “$780 billion on defense and international security assistance.” However, when it comes to education, according to Jason Delisle, in his article, “Putting a number of Federal Education Spending,” the US government spends about $107.6 billion.
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