The Politics Of Health And Government Involvement

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The Politics of Health and Government Involvement Politics is often personal. Values, attitudes, environment and experiences play a prolific role on one’s life. This is demonstrated when a major decision has to be made that have an effect on the personal/private realm of life. So, when leaders have to craft policy, those principles are typically weaved throughout the process. Nowhere is this demonstrated more than when various administrations tackle a national healthcare plan. The United States has been going in constant debate about suppling healthcare to the American people since the New Deal Era. Both parties, when in control of the executive branch, have had major healthcare legislation brought forth for various reasons until the PPACA. Yes, the road towards health care reform has had many players but the initial player out of the gate was Franklin D. Roosevelt. Known for contracting polio (poliomyelitis) at the age of 39 while on a family vacation, FDR has a little of a back and forth relationship with the medical profession. This attitude is more than likely originated from his botched treatments in the early stages of his disease. Primary of which, he was misdiagnosed multiple times by a then renowned doctor, W.W. Keen, and was charged $8000.00 for his “service”. In today’s dollars, that would be about $81,000. It is also well documented that FDR, despite a litany of medical experts at the time telling him nay, he spearhead his own therapy and create a
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