The Politics of Spying Essay

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Introduction This essay will consider the politics of spying. It will discuss examples of espionage as well as its necessity. The paper will also debate upon whether spying is an invasion of privacy and there for rights, or not. The essay begins by defining espionage. It offers examples of espionage and how it has been used by different countries in the past as well as how it is increasingly used today on a global scale. The paper concludes by offering the authors comments on spying as well as confirming or disconfirming its use as a tool in international relations 1.1. Defining espionage The definition of espionage according to different sources. .the use of secret agents to steal information from other governments, enemies and…show more content…
Another reason why spying is seen as such a9 necessity is because it helps states when it comes to creating foreign policy. By knowing what goes on within the borders of another state, the said states know if they should relax or tighten controls on their foreign policy. The other large role spying plays is during meetings in which heads of military strategies how they will fight in a certain war or the battle tactics they will use to invade a state. One of the more basic uses of spying which is used within a state’s borders and within relations with states is for information gathering. many articles have come out in recent years which revolve around how the United States of America have been spying on their European allies as well as their heads of state for example the NSA was spying on German chancellor Angela Merkel. Most states belong to international governmental organisations such as the UN within these organisations representatives of states meet within a neutral setting and debate foreign policy as well as global issues. Here espionage is used quite frequently between the states for various reasons. 2.2. Espionage is an invasion of privacy. Espionage as a major invasion of privacy especially spying on a civilian population because all humans have a right to privacy and spying on people then infringes on this basic human right. Espionage between states is also seen as an invasion of privacy as what
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