The Pollution Of The Sea

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The sun sets on the port communities and the sky glows orange yellow purple and blue, not the beautiful sun set that is causing this it’s the disgusting pollution in the ports is a massive issue effecting every port and surrounding community. From the first ships that set sail to the super tankers of today shipping product by ocean going vessel is the most effective way. With all the positives of ocean trading the major negative is the fact that the exhaust is polluting the very air we breathe. The poor air quality is directly responsible for serious health issues and the people in the port communities are the worst hit. The demands for global trade are on the rise and the ports are growing all around the world to handle the demands and they need to be “Growing Green” as in earth and environmentally friendly. The global economy relies on ocean going vessels for trade transporting some 8,769 metric million tons of freight (United Nations). A few large organizations that regulate shipping and trade industries such as MARPOL or UNCTAD they are in charge of the industry and the countries of the ports have the power to regulate their harbors. With the new regulations in act the pollution is getting more attention but it may be too little too late.

The history of most ports starts back as small fishing villages that supported the local economies. These ports eventually grew as they saw the economic opportunity for shipping trade. Over the years as the ports grew so did the…
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