What Is The Cause Of Houston's Pollution Problem

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Since the last century, society has been witness of great deal of changes, as political as economic, and technological. These changes have opened a new world of possibilities which was not available before, people should consider themselves fortunate of living on the 21st century. There is access to information as has never been before. Nevertheless, change always has consequences, and on this time of technology is not the exception. The earth is dying slowly, the air people is breathing is not safe anymore. The United States has a bad air quality, an example of it, is the city of Houston, in the state of Texas. In fact, Houston’s pollution problem has become a dangerous health issue over the last years. To solve this severe problem is necessary …show more content…

Among its short-term health effects, according to, are reduce ability to breathe, inflammation of the lung tissue, as well as irritation of the nose and throat, and damage to the respiratory cells. If well this problems do not represent a life-threatening problem for most of the people, children and the elderly, who do not possess a very strong respiratory system. It is been proved that pollution has effects on the children illness already existing in the elderly can be aggravated by pollution, which can put their lives on severe …show more content…

Digital image. Big Red Dog, 16 May 2015. Web. 17 Apr. 2016. .

Moreover, it is not just up to the government to fight pollution. Individuals must also start taking action to fight against it. There are several action people can take, for instance, people can commute to work or school, or start using public transportation. Also, home energy has to be used wisely, in the neighborhoods, people has to form cleaning teams, give a second use to items they do not need, not just throw them away. Such actions will help people save money, and also they will keep a nice neighborhood. In conclusion, pollution is a serious real problem which is affecting people this days, not just in the city of Houston, but worldwide. If people do not start acting right away, the problem will continue to spread, and future generations will pay the price at a major scale of what we are watching now. Even though it seems unstoppable, it can still be fixed, as a joint effort between cities and central governments, and the action of people as individuals, this can be stopped before it is too late. And you, what are you doing to fight

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