The Polynesian Culture And Culture

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“Aloha!” boomed an unfamiliar voice while fierce orange flames pierced the air. As the opening boat appeared from around the bend, I noticed women with vivid green skirts flowing around as if they were wild daisies dancing around in the wind. The front of the raft had a piece of chestnut wood on it, along with “Hawaii” inscribed on it. At this moment, I had realized that the celebration of being a Polynesian had begun, and I was more than ready to begin the journey to experience a different culture first hand. The Polynesian celebration made me realize that people of any ethnicity and background can come together to experience and enjoy other cultures with a plethora of people. The first part of the Polynesian pride festivities includes the introduction of the Polynesians from the Polynesian Triangle, a region of the Pacific Ocean with three islands as the triangle points. Rather than having a dull entrance, each of the three islands came out on boats illuminating radiant colors. Since the celebration was held in Hawaii, the glistening ruby red Hawaiian boat went first. I have never really experienced a party about being a Polynesian, so I had no clue what to expect. Soon enough, a colossal sized man with an abundance of tattoos started chanting and dancing in only a minuscule leaf skirt wrapped around his waist. He started moving his hips and dancing to the song he was singing while my eyes bulged out like a puffer fish because I have never seen a grown man do that…

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