Essay On My Hawaiian Culture

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It seemed like a normal day at the time, the sun was shining, the waves crashed on the shore, steady and reassuring. I did a lot of thinking that day. I thought of my future, of what I wanted to accomplish in life.Only now I realize that it wasn’t a normal day at all. It was the day I decided to graduate early. I grew up in Hawai’i, so did eight generations of my ancestors before me. Due to this, Hawaiian culture is very important to me. A part of my Hawaiian culture is to celebrate every milestone with family (both related and unrelated). Graduation is a huge accomplishment and it marks more than the end of your highschool career. On Hawai’i, graduating from high school marks the transition from being dependant on your family to them being dependant on you top uphold the family reputation and name. I planned on doing just that. As the oldest of five brothers, I wanted to lead by example, just as I always have. My plan was to graduate at the age of sixteen, attend a prestigious university, and get my doctorate degree in forensic science by the age of twenty five. There was only one thing wrong with this plan. The problem was in the penny. Neither my parents nor I had enough money to put me through college, and I lost hope for a long time. I thought it was the end of the…show more content…
I got a job. While this began to solve the financial problem, a new challenge arrived. I had to learn how to balance all aspects of my life. On top of working thirty to forty hours a week, I had to help babysit my brothers, complete an online class, maintain my grades for both my senior and junior classes, perform with my high school band, and continue my social life. Balancing all of these responsibilities has definitely made me more mature and helped my transition into adulthood. It gave me the skills necessary to live independently, and achieve the goals both my family and I have set out for
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