The Poor Management For Katrina

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In 2005, Hurricane Katrina caused massive damage around Gulf of Mexico. Especially, New Orleans was flooded most severely, so once approximately 80% of the city was under the water. Many articles criticize the poor management for Katrina, on the other hand, some articles can positively accept the preparation for Hurricane Sandy in 2012. For example, GSN (Government Security News) released their article in 2015, and the title is “Response to Sandy shows Katrina lessons mostly learned, says former FEMA chief”. In 2005, many people died, and many people are forced to move from New Orleans or other affected towns, however, now the hurricane disaster reduction plans in the U.S. are based on lessons from 2005. We should reflect the crisis event, so, first of all, to check the timeline of Katrina and to specify the problem of planning or reaction. The second, to understand the FEMA and “Hurricane Pam” exercise. “Hurricane Pam” exercise was held prior to Katrina, and the exercise clear many problems for emergency planning. One of the major problems was transportation. Many people lacked the transportation to evacuation shelter, and the problem was indicated before Katrina. The third, with a chart of employment trends, to realize the social impact of Katrina. The employment trends are related to next topic: race and class. Black workers faced the more difficult situation to get their jobs than white workers. (Elliott 2006). The last is to introduce BBC article about the

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