The Population Of The United States

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As the population of the United States grows, one thing is apparent: minorities are overtaking the Caucasian population (which is bound to become a minority before 2100). The increase of the population of minorities in the United States will produce mixed-race persons, who not only have two sets of DNA from two different persons of different races, but two sets of culture. Sometimes, this can cause a clash of ideologies, which can lead to an individual being raised multi-culturally; one may grow up eating the food of one culture in another culture’s way. When one has a multi-cultural background, it may be hard to express one’s cultural identity; alternatively, one may identify as another, wholly separate culture. Perhaps growing up with a …show more content…

Once the two are engaged, the two families exchange gifts, and the wedding ceremony takes place at one of the family’s houses, typically the groom’s family. Once the marriage has been official, the bride and groom will move to a new home. When death comes, the deceased is preserved, dressed in white clothes, and put in a casket in a funeral home. In Vietnam, once the funeral concludes, the casket is lifted to a certain cemetery for burial by a procession of close relatives on foot, no matter the distance. (The procession sometimes blocks roads). The departed is now revered by his or her descendants and, if he or she was prominent in society (e.g. a famous military officer, a professor, a scientist, et cetera), they may call on his or her spirit for guidance.
On the other side of the spectrum is the birth ceremony. By Chinese zodiac standards, children are one year old when they are born. In the weeks leading up to the birth (where the father is customarily not present), the mother is encouraged to not eat certain foods or do certain things, e.g. hot foods, cold water, bathe in hot or cold water, or milk, as it will interfere with the yin and yang. Once the mother gives birth, she is considered “cold”, as birth results in a loss of blood, which is “hot” by tradition. She undergoes a month-long practice where she does not shower, bathe, or do anything that can

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