The Portrayal Of Abuse Within Children 's Literatures

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The portrayal of abuse within children’s literature is much needed in order for children to be able to deal with the complexities and the dark sider side of social reality. The portrayal of abuse has however received negative criticism due to the fact that it can be too controversial a topic for young learners, to understand or comprehend. Educating children about abuse through literature does not only benefit children but it also makes them aware of the different forms of abuse which can prevail within homes and by those closest to children. It is very much a topic which needs to be portrayed within children’s literature but must be done in a sensitive manner with authors needing to approach writing with caution. Child abuse includes …show more content…

Children’s literature must aim to morally develop the minds of children however it must be taken into account that different children develop reading and understanding at different stages, for example i.e. some children suffer from learning difficulties or disabilities which require careful attention and exposure. Abuse therefore not only becomes a topic which is too controversial for children but a topic which is also too controversial for parents to introduce to children, in fear of impacting or deterring the innocence of children. The desire of parents however to protect children from learning about serious issues must be respected as it can be a difficult topic for children to fully understand during the early stages of childhood. This being said however Claire and Holden (2007) argue that the emergence of challenging, complex and controversial books recognise not only the importance, but also the need for the minds of children to be developed and challenged, which can subsequently only be achieved if children are taught about the complex issues specifically abuse, can raise awareness of how important it is to protect the lives and security of children.
Furthermore, portraying abuse in children’s literature, can be a difficult but also a confusing topic for child learners to understand.In order for children to be well informed about abuse parents and teachers need to facilitate

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