Child Abuse: Annotated Bibliography

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Published case reviews draw special attention on the professionals lack of knowledge and confidence when assessing risk in children coming from various religions and cultural backgrounds. A lack of understanding of these two key components, might put at significant risk the children's welfare, leading professionals to overlook certain situations and to offer inadequate support or lower standards of care (NSPCC, 2017).
This annotated bibliography seeks to explore what are the lessons to be learned from this serious case review , how familiar are the S.W s with the risk factors already identified and highlighted by these case reviews, what practical methods are already in place (such as culturally informed assessment as a useful tool to depict early signs of neglect and abuse) and what it still needs to be done to ensure that religion and faith is not used as a distraction from
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I shadowed a social worker who was interviewing a mother coming from a polish background who's child had been referred to the social services by the school ,as being suspected of child abuse. Despite of the child's outstanding academic performance and his good overall appearance ,the boy in question disclosed to his teacher that he sometimes get smacked by his parents. When mother was questioned about the concerns raised, she said that in her culture this act wouldn't be considered as a form of abuse. She attributed her behaviour to her religious beliefs, to a collective understanding of her people about correction and discipline concept which is transmitted from generation to generation. Apart from the communication difficulties that occurred inevitably due to the mother's poor English, the social worker was not very confident in challenging the parents harmful practices which , especially when no visible signs of abuse or distress had not been
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