The Portrayal Of Women In The Music Industry

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With over 4 billion people having access to the internet worldwide, everyday people are exposed to different types of pop culture media, one of those being the music industry. The music industry has become one of the most popular pop culture entertainment due to its variety in music and complex audience. Everyone regardless of race, age, gender, religion, and sexuality have access to a multitude of different music varieties that they can listen to. However, with the music industry growing rapidly, its audience grows along with it. With new and exciting sounds and beats, rising artists, and catchy lyrics it is important that these songs encourage healthy ethical messages to society due to the fact that almost everyone is exposed to music these days. Often times, especially in Hip-Hop music we see how the portrayal of women is usually a negative one. I’m sure that you’ve seen at least one song where women appear subject to men and appear as sex tools. Many hip hop artists, through their music (whether meant to or not), emphasize how women should be seen as tools for pleasure and they lack to show more positive attributes of women. With the music industry objectifying and sexualizing women through derogatory language, it continues to contribute to the present ideology that women are less that and should be inferior to men. There are numerous examples of how male hip hop artists use their lyrics to deliberately dehumanize women. We see this when songs use offensive and
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