The Positive And Characteristics Of Acting As An Ordinary Person

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The Acting profession is not just for any ordinary person, it is only for the elite and exemplary individuals that standout from the rest. It takes consistency, dedication, education, creativity, open mindedness, captivating ability, true commitment, insight, the ability to use intelligence in a way to make a character become three dimensional, good physical skills, professionalism, talent, time management, and vanity to improve oneself. This profession is extremely selective and competitive, particularly when considering openings in Broadway. These characteristics collectively form an actor/actress that is relatable to the audience and is easy to grasp. Acting is either hit or miss, you’re either a knockout or nobody. When considering the positive and negatives to acting, I believe that acting is a good profession. Acting is a career that takes effort and hard work to become successful like anything else. For many people, acting is their lifelong dream and gives their life meaning as well. Acting is used as a coping mechanism, freedom of expression, a sense of identity, a source of expressing feelings, passion, and a way of explaining your story without using your own name. In all, acting holds a different sense of meaning for every single person. The reason they chose the profession, in many times has a meaningful story that only they can understand. A profession is defined by the person. A good person makes a profession a success. A bad person makes a profession a

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