The Positive And Negative Aspects Of Stereotypes In Elementary School

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A stereotype is a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. There are both negative and positive connotations to stereotypes, but most of them are negative. These negative stereotypes have a great impact on certain individuals or groups of people and can effect them in many aspects of their lives. Throughout my entire life and especially in elementary school people have always labeled me as a “nerd” or “geek”. In spite of this stereotype that has molded me into the person that I fully accept today, there were many unfavorable repercussions that came along with this stereotype.
One way this type of label has negatively effected me is that it made me more susceptible to being bullied in elementary school. Throughout these grade levels older kids would bully me because they thought I was a “nerd”, just because I was skinny and wore glasses, which made it easier for them to pick on me. They knew I didn’t have the ability to defend myself so I was a clear and easy target for them and I also knew that if I tried to seek help they would just find another way to hurt me and possibly punish me even more. Besides all of this, I tried to comprehend why they singled me out and also tired to see what I can do differently to put this target off of my back. A particular situation arose when I was in the fourth grade where three older kids pressured another fourth grader to steal my backpack and put it in a toilet. When the fourth
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