The Positive And Negative Effects Of Social Media

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When someone says the words “social media”, many people immediately think about posts and likes, comments and messages, a way to connect with your friends from far away and other positive thoughts. However, some of our political leaders have been using social media to their advantage, using sites such as twitter to influence people to vote for their party. Fake news also is very easy to spread on social media, causing propaganda to increase in our society. In our democratic society, we believe that ‘the people have a say’ but with the dangerous spread of fake news throughout the media, our democracy and citizens alike may be at risk. Of course, when someone tweets something on twitter you are not likely to think much of it. But these …show more content…

Especially for the younger generations, fake news has often been confused with what is true, causing the voters to have a false understanding of what is happening, thus making the party have more control over the votes of the citizens. Although only recently did it become broadcasted on social media, fake news has been used as propaganda greatly throughout history. For example, during the first World War, posters featuring Germany as monsters eating the world up one bite at a time, compelling more men to go to war. After the war of the roses, King Henry 7, (greatly aided by Shakespeare’s work later and his descendants King Henry 8 and Queen Elizabeth 1) spread propaganda that King Richard 3, who had fought King Henry 7 was a hunchbacked murderer who had stolen the throne of England, keeping him popular with the people of England. It wasn’t until the 1960s did historians seek to clear his name, a good 500 years after his death. Fake is quite damaging to our society, and not to mention democracy, as it is controlling the information we receive, and that information is often what we base our votes on, so the government is essentially controlling the votes of the people. An example of this is when Donald Trump tweeted that “The Fake News refuses to report the success of the first 6 months.” A clip, filmed in the Trump tower, of Kayleigh McEnany, a conservative commentator, who recently left her role

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