The Positive Effects of Having Sport Activities for Prisoners

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However, the continuous budget cuts that have been made are limiting their activities and programs. The benefits of sport activities can reduce the tension and stress while promoting healthy choices to the prisoners. Also Prisoners develop pride in winning in sporting events, develop social interaction skills, work as a team, or develop and improve themselves to strive for excellence (Truss & Hunter, 2012). People outside of a correctional facility learn these skills in their lifetime, why can’t we offer the prisoners inside the facilities the same opportunities? Allowing prisoners the opportunities to participate in sport activities will occupy the prisoners by providing mental, physical, and emotional release and reducing the boredom of daily life in prison. The rapid growth in prison populations in most of the Western societies during the last decades has probably increased the interest in knowing the effects of sport and physical activity on prisoners and how these activities are developed in prison settings (Gehre & Vonck, 2012). There are three areas in which people identify an interest about the issues. The areas are first physical activity and sports for prisoners’ health. Second, physical activity and sports for social…
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