The Positive Influence Of Social Media

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Social media has become a significant aspect and influence in today’s society. Whether it’s connecting with family and friends, increase in productivity, building one’s self-esteem or its influence in pop culture. On the other hand, the price to pay for social media is its expectations, in particular, the ones it sets for relationships in the digital world. Social media is responsible for creating unrealistic and unattainable expectations which results in making people believe in the false illusions of the “perfect couple” or hashtag boyfriend girlfriend goals as projected on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Such false expectations and impractical norms leads to constantly comparing one’s relationship with others, false ideas of a healthy relationship and could result in jeopardizes one’s own relationship with their current or future partner. In today's culture, social media stars have a more significant influence on the general public than celebrities themselves. Many of which are in well-known and public relationships with other social media stars. For instances, Liza Koshy and David Dobrik, Pewdiepie and his famous beauty-guru girlfriend Marzia are just some examples. The latter’s relationship has led them to land several ad campaigns and projects (Shields). One thing social media stars share in common whether they are on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook is to declare their affections, share details of their relationships on such platforms with their fans, who have

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