The Post Colonialism Theory : Opinions And Opposing View Points

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The Post Colonialism Theory: Opinions & Opposing View Points The postcolonialism theory is a theory that has brought many controversies and opposing viewpoints across the world of literature. In, -this theory, a set of lost identities, use of language in writing, and the questioning of the real definition of this theory are some of the characteristics highlighted in this concept. On the other hand, conflicting opinions, multiple perspectives, and authors not agreeing on the definition of this theory are some of the problems that bring powerful discussions and arguments in the world of literature. To begin with, the theory of post colonialism has been a very complicated concept to define. Many authors and theorists that have responded and …show more content…

Important European thinkers only wrote about their own identities and experiences setting other cultural backgrounds aside.
Another important example of a characteristic of post colonialism is the lost identities of women writers who others often look at as not being part of the culture or country they choose to focus and write about. Carole Boyce Davis, author of “An Introduction to Post- Colonial Theory,” pointed out that women who contribute to African literature were very displeased to be considered only a woman writer instead of an African American Woman Writer (Davis Boyce, Carole in Peter Childs and R.J Patrick William “An Introduction to Post- Colonial” 1997, p.15). With this example in mind, it is clear that her identity as an African American woman was hidden and not well respected. Furthermore, this postcolonial theory leads to conflicting and multiple ideas about identities which cause a problem and debate among writers and theory experts who choose to write representing the theory. One of the biggest controversies that make post colonialism debatable is those writers who write negative texts about countries and cultures different from their own. One example of this is Joseph Conrad’s opinion towards African culture under Heart of Darkness. The words that Conrad used to describe the culture of African Americans did not represent Africans well in his writing

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