The Power Of Context By Malcolm Gladwell

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The human subconscious is one of the easiest things to manipulate. Companies do it all the time by continuously raising their levee exposure repeatedly by advertising constantly. Much like companies, educational institutions and societal systems influence the human subconscious in the same way, just with a strong less recognizable form of advertising. These institutions and systems use social stigma. In Malcolm Gladwell’s “the Power of Context” the power of social stigma is shown by how context effects a situation, And in Karen Ho she identify the social stigma of being “elite” and getting a higher education. Societal stigma is the way of the system (society) to advertise to their people what is okay, and what is not okay. With societal …show more content…

The term seemed fundamental to the Wall Street lexicon.” (Ho 166). When students see these recruiters, it portrays affluence and “elitism” in someone who is a similar age to them. It makes the students think that you don’t need to be the oldest investment banker to have the most skill or money, and Wall Street solidifies this image by sending someone who is young and affluent. Sooner or later ““what happens is that a lot of people say, "look, some of the best and brightest people are going to Wall Street. I 'm pretty smart myself; i should go [there] as well, and by the way ill get paid very well"” (Ho 167). This is not inherently wrong but the institution of Wall Street is manipulating the student to think that the smartest way to go is Wall Street and that anyother path to elitism is either harder, or wrong. They are sending the message “ if you are smart come to Wall Street or you are wasting your potential”. This physiological warfare is not the only way institutions like wall street manipulate the individual. Like the how the Broken Glass theory works Wall Street and other institutions manipulate individuals through sheer numbers. For example, “at the 2006 Princeton Career Fair, 60 of the 104 firms represented were in financial services or consulting”(Ho 171). Having that much abundance will increase the chances of a student going into said institution. It is like seeing thirty Wendy’s commercials over a week, at the end of the week you will

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