The Power Of Positive Thinking By Norman Robert Peale Critical Analysis

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The average person faces challenges every day that appears insurmountable at times, thereby causing pain, anguish, and difficulty. The Power of Positive Thinking addressed and gave solutions to problems the common man encountered through the application of “scientific” techniques. Norman Vincent Peale, the author of the book, was born in 1898, Bowersville, Ohio. The book, published in 1952, is still relevant to our changing world. The book teaches on the application of certain techniques to take control, and overcome negative situations in life. In Chapters 1-4, Robert Peale addressed the problem of inferiority complex in the society and suggested ten ways to deal with the problem. The author believed that this problem is the reason many …show more content…

When we slow down the pace of life considerably, we get peace internally, and spiritually.The easiest way to lose energy is through fuming and fretting. Further Chapter narrated how the power of thought can affect lives positively or negatively depending on the nature of thought. The author went further saying that having a mind of positive expectation influences whatever outcome that happens and vice versa. The next Chapter talks about cultivating a winning attitude always. The author advises that people should focus more on the possibilities in every situation and not on the obstacles. Obstacles will always be there, but when we choose to ignore it and focus only on things to get us around it, then that is a winning attitude. Chapter 9 describes the effects of worry and fear on our physical body. In fact, the author pointed out that worry is the source of many diseases like Hypertension, arthritis. Robert Neale pointed out how we can expunge worry and fear from our mind and fill it with thoughts of faith, victory, positive expectations. Chapter 10 deals with finding the right solutions to problems. In the journey of life, it is inevitable that we will encounter problems. Planning and effectively mapping out a strategy to deal with problems have proven very successful. The strategy the author was referring to is partnering with God. The author outlined

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