The Power Of Words And Language

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The Power of words and Language in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web: Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web, both use a wide vocabulary and a play on words, that may not be familiar to the young readers whom they are intended for, but the use of these words aid in the themes of the novel and the overall plots of the works. This specific use of words and a focus on the language aids in the salvation of Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web, and the Knave in Alice in Wonderland, brings a since of togetherness to characters, shows the innocence and naivety of the characters, and add humor to the story. Both of these writers are known for their writing styles and the craft of using…show more content…
As the novel progresses, Charlotte the spider makes it her mission to insure that Wilbur will not meet the ax once again in the wintertime. She does this by writing words like “some pig” (White 77), “terrific” (White 94), and “radiant” (White 114) to make the Zuckerman’s realize that Wilbur is a special pig and should be saved. It is because of these words that Charlotte spins in her web that Mr. Zuckerman decides to take Wilbur, the now famous pig to the county fair, which in the end ends up being the final key to saving his life. While White uses his words and language as a way of having the other characters save Wilbur, Carroll uses his word choices to show that Alice often has to save herself from the trouble that she often causes for herself. Carroll uses his word choices and his plays on puns to create a story in which little Alice finds herself in troublesome situations from the time that she follows the white rabbit down the rabbit hole. In many ways, Alice needs to be saved from herself when she is in Wonderland, for she keeps insulting the creatures that she comes across by bringing up things that will eat them or saying that she herself has eaten them. One example of this is when Alice encounters the little mouse in the puddle of her tears. She starts talking to the mouse
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