The Preamble Is The Opening Statement Of The Constitution

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The preamble is the opening statement of the Unites States constitution adopted in September 17, 1787. The preamble outlines and explains the reasons why the framers of the constitution made the United States a republic, by doing this; the founding fathers replaced the articles of confederation. The preamble helped explain why the constitution was written.
The preamble can be broken down into many important phrases, each of them is important to understand the purpose of the United States constitution. The opening phrase of the preamble “We the people of the United States, in order to form a form or more perfect union” portrays the idea that even though the constitution was written up by some of the most well-educated men of the new country, the rights given under the document were given to all American citizens. The previous government was based on the articles of confederation, which were limited. When the framers of the constitution wrote this phrase, they felt they were making a new government where there was no place for the king; hence this form of government had to be a better job governing a country. Later on, the preamble pretends to establish justice and domestic tranquility. Making sure to establish justice under the constitution was important for the American system, since this was one of the main reasons why the Americans revolted against England was injustice. Insuring domestic tranquility was one of the main reasons why the constitutional convention was held,
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