Foreign Policy Begins At Home

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The premise of Foreign Policy Begins at Home is that the biggest threat to the United States of America doesn 't come from the outside, but rather the inside. There are problems outside the United States such as China 's rising power , the climate change which some powerful people refuse to believe in, terrorism going on all over the world, Iran (which has nuclear weapons available), a dangerous Middle East, and an untrustworthy North Korea that has an irrational leader. Despite all of these foreign problems which need to be taken seriously, the bigger issue that needs to be solved is inside. These problems include, but are not limited to; its increasing deficit and debt, crumbling infrastructure, second class schools, and an outdated …show more content…

Having a doctrine which has a base, since we are the ones leading the globe. “No other country or groups of countries have the capacity, the experience, and the inclination to lead efforts to build global order.” (Haas) A strong and clear doctrine is necessary for being fiscally disciplined and not getting into pointless wars. “America’s lack of fiscal discipline has contributed far more to its loss of power and influence than have these wars.” (Haas) Education is important for maintaining strong and educated citizens, which can keep up with the progressive world with new technologies being introduced everyday. I agree, I believe the standardized test in the public school system are pointless and aren 't done for a students best interest. Allowing immigrants into the United States is healthy because many come educated with new ideas which result in helping the economy. This I find to be very true, many of the pioneers in Silicone Valley are highly educated and are bring new jobs with their technological advances. Keeping tabs on terrorist attacks inside and outside the United States is another vital need for a leader because this is how we can protect our citizens and keep them safe. To implement these four elements one must know their know their environment in regards to doctrine, one must have general rules for the

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