The President Of The United States

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The leader of the country In the United States of America is called the President. 'The title President is derived from Latin, prae- "before" + sedere "to sit." It originally designated the officer who presides over or "sits before" a gathering and ensures that debate is conducted according to the rules of order. ' The President is the brain for millions of government workers in the Executive Branch. And as well chooses how the laws of the United States are to be enforced along with singling out officials and advisors to assist in operating the Executive Branch. In order for one man to run a country so large the President has to take upon himself may jobs and roles, this is referred to as wearing many 'hats '.
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One of the many other roles the President takes is being chief legislature to his country. What the President does as chief legislature is legislate the bills suggested by congress. Under the role of chief legislature the President as has the right to veto a bill or pass it making it a law of the nation. 'As a chief legislature, the president shapes policy. ' You specifically see this in the episode 'On the Day Before ' when a man in a suit known as Mr. Koveleskie, the clerk of the house comes over to the office of the executive clerk and speaks to Donald Dolan telling him, "And you tell him the Clerk of the House has delivered a bill. Then you bring it to the President for his signature or veto."
Later Donald Dolan goes to the oval office to speak to the President saying, "Mr. President, I have House Resolution 10, the Death Tax Elimination Act. It bears the signatures of both the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate, and is presented to you by the Congress of the United States for your signature or veto." This shows the reliance on the President for legistalating bills to then be laws in which the country holds by.
In addition to the being a chief legislature the President also plays the role of chief guardian of the economy. In ‘The West Wing’ we see how both the roles of chief of

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