The President Of The United States

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The President of the United States sat in his office that Saturday morning reviewing intelligence reports that were somewhat disturbing. It had been a long road pulling what there was left of the country back into the union. There had been a lot of death and destruction on both coasts so far, as well as parts of Middle America. President Washington was well aware that their fight wasn’t over; there was still a lot of work to do. He had hoped for a brief respite between conflicts. He knew, especially the units from the West Coast, were burnt out, they had been at war, on US soil, for more than a year. They had fought in Northern California, Southern California, fought against Mexico, then battled the Islamic Republic of America in …show more content…

The report had been handed off to him by the newly formed Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Taking its name from the old World War Two intelligence service that predated the CIA. President Washington called in his Chief-of-Staff, “Jake take this down to the communications center, and send it flash, to General Clayton. I want his feedback on it by seventeen hundred today.” Jake hadn’t read the report and didn’t even know what it was about and wouldn’t until he was asked to read it. “I can do that sir, it’s that important?” “Take a look at it and you tell me.” “Read it now?” “No, take it down and get it sent out, then read it and come back and talk to me. Also, set up a radio conference with myself and the General at seventeen hundred our time.” Jake took the report and headed to the White House communications center, he was dying to know what was in the report. He started to flip through it while walking it over. He had to stop a couple of times to take it in. Although, the President hadn’t said anything, they were going back to war once again. This time he understood it was much bigger, this war would define the entire union, at least what there was of it. Jake arrived at the communication center and stayed while they sent out the report and got a confirmation. Then he went over to the radio communications room where there were shortwave radios, the only way they had to speak to each other across the country. They contacted Camp

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