The Presidential Election Of 1912

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The presidential election of 1912 was fought amongst four major candidates. Woodrow Wilson was brought up by his father, a Presbyterian minister, and his mother, daughter of a Presbyterian minister brought up Woodrow Wilson. He was president of Princeton University and governor of New Jersey. He represented the Democratic Party and had a combination of high morality and high-minded detachment. Eugene Debs was a well-known Socialist and union man for the Fireman’s Brotherhood and American Railroad. He was never interested in the complex economic and political theories but in the dignity and humanity of the average worker. Another candidate was Theodore Roosevelt who revolted from the Republican Party and helped form and led the Progressive Party. He was brought up by a moderately wealthy family and ended up being governor of New York. Our final candidate was William Howard Taft who’s “first love was always the law, and his highest aspiration to serve as chief justice, not as president” and a close friend to Theodore Roosevelt. Taft was also representing the Republican Party. One issue that would have been important to me if I were a voter in 1912 would have been Women’s Suffrage. Many men and women believed that men were “fundamentally different” and that women should stay out of politics because its just a “man’s world”. Others argued that it was time for women to come out of the shadows of men and prove that they, too, can help their country and other residents with

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