Essay on The Prestige - Plot Segmentation

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Plot Segmentation: The Prestige C. Credit title. 1. The Pledge. a. Borden’s workshop. i. Mr. Cutter picks up a bird and shows Jess. b. The Great Danton. i. The theater curtain rises revealing a massive electrical machine on stage with Angier. ii. Borden and other members of the audience inspect the machine. iii. Borden goes backstage. iv. Angier takes off his jacket in preparation for the trick. v. Borden runs downstairs below the stage and sees a blind man sitting guard. 2. The Turn. a. Borden’s workshop. i. Mr. Cutter puts the bird in a cage. b. The Great Danton. i. Angier turns to face the machine. ii. Borden sees a water tank below the center of the stage. c. Borden’s workshop. i. Mr. …show more content…

b. Angier’s flashback. i. Orpheum Theater. A. Borden and Angier clap along in the audience. B. Julia, the assistant and Angier’s wife, calls Borden and Angier up to the stage to bind her for the trick. C. Borden and Angier bind Julia’s wrists and ankles. D. Milton, the magician, claps and Julia is lifted up and dropped into a water tank. E. A curtain falls around the tank and Mr. Cutter starts a stopwatch. F. Milton presents the curtain, claps, the curtain rises and Julia is out of the tank. G. The Audience applauds while Milton and Julia take a bow. ii. Backstage of the Orpheum Theater. A. Borden complains about Milton being boring and predictable. B. Mr. Cutter challenges Borden and Angier to figure out the goldfish bowl trick performed by an old magician, and the winner gets ten minutes with an agent. C. Borden and Mr. Cutter argue about what knot to tie for the water tank trick. D. Borden leaves. E. Angier tells Mr. Cutter that he doesn’t trust Borden. iii. Old man’s Magic Show. A. Old man performs goldfish bowl trick. B. Borden figures out that the old man has been pretending to be a cripple for years in order to perform this illusion. iv. Angier’s bedroom. A. Angier explains to Julia how the old man does the goldfish bowl trick. B. Julia comes up wit the name “The Great Danton” and tells Angier that it is sophisticated. c. Colorado. i. Angier, sitting in

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