The Prevalence Of Mental Health Disorders

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The prevalence of mental health disorders in the Unites States is growing exponentially. According to the Center for Disease Control (2015), one out of five adolescents are diagnosed with a mental health disorder and 15 million children are estimated with a mental health diagnosis. Having resources available to this population from the advanced schools of psychology is vital to maintaining healthy interventions for our future children and adolescents. Furthermore, it’s imperative to review not only the diagnosis of the children experiencing mental health systems, but to also review systemically the entire health spectrum of the child’s wellness and deficiencies. According the American Psychological Association (2017), these levels can …show more content…

Specifically, these collaborative efforts included: the review and completion of paperwork such as the informed consent, explaining the limits of confidentiality, and the process related to completing the learning conversation. Contacting the parents before the meeting to develop an initial or pre-assessment of the child’s and adolescent’s interests and topics in addition to real-life interaction with children and adolescents was purposeful in completing the interviews towards experience in working with these populations.
Participant and Question Selection Process
The selection process of choosing participants for this assignment focused on a set criterion necessary for a productive learning conversation. The participants that I chose were cousins that I don’t see often since they live very far away and we typically don’t keep in contact with each other. In the initial request for the learning conversation permission, I called the participants home. I proceeded to explain the project to the parents, child, and adolescent. My interviewees were siblings and both of them and the parents verbally agreed to participating in the learning conversation. The participants were representative of a convenience sample since both were available to be interviewed on the same day.
After selecting my participants and having an initial assessment from the parents, I began to look at the process of selecting questions. I

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