Functional Behavior Assessment Essay

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Functional Behavioral Assessments - The Key To Quality Behavior Intervention Plans
By Jennifer Fuller James | Submitted On January 27, 2012

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Expert Author Jennifer Fuller James
Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA) are a very helpful educational tool for narrowing down the specific reasons why a child may be exhibiting inappropriate behavior(s); and thus leading one to make sounds decisions about how to …show more content…

The data that is analyzed usually includes ABC (Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence) Data that the teacher, paraprofessionals and related services providers have taken. There is also usually a review of attendance records, discipline records, school nurse records, school assessment reports and report cards. If the parents have shared any reports or assessments that they had privately done this information is also reviewed.

Direct observation of the child in different settings, with different staff members and at different times of the day is very beneficial. Sometimes one observer observes the child on several occasions and other times there is a group of observers that observe the child using the same observation tool. Both scenarios have their pros and cons, but the important thing is to have observational data from an objective party who is not part of the daily routine with the child.

Personal or written Interviews by the parents and educators who spend the most time with the child are a critical piece. If a child is cognitively able to have insight about their behavior and old enough, interviewing the child can also be very insightful. This information along with the review of data and observation often really sheds light on what may be causing the child to behave in an inappropriate

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