The Prevalence Of Online Piracy

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The music and movie piracy has been one of the major issues, which the world has been facing and challenging for years. Illegal music and movie downloading became more prevalent as technology improved. According to the statistics by Ipsos, “30% of the UK population is active in some form of piracy, either through streaming content online or buying counterfeit DVDs” (Lodderhose, 2014). Some people argue that music and movie piracy could be considered as same as theft which could have significant impacts on music and movie industries while others do not concern about it. This essay will examine the reasons behind the prevalence of online piracy and will discuss the positive and negative impacts of online piracy. There are considerable numbers of accounts for downloading movies and music illegally. First of all according to the article by Sudler (2013), the digital revolution is one of the major aspects, which has contributed the increase in piracy levels as it has allowed people to store information digitally. Moreover, the invention of World Wide Web is classified as one of the other significant causes since it has resulted in expanding on the Internet piracy considerably (ibid). Furthermore, high-speed networks and developments in broadband technology have been playing a significant role on the Internet piracy (ibid). In addition, some people argue that online information ought to available for free, even children and teens. According to the statistics by YouGov,

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