The Primary Theme Of Good And Great

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The primary theme of “Good to Great” discusses what makes great companies and how to transfer good companies to great. All the methods that Collins has mentioned in the book are very practical. So, I truly think that we can apply all his ideas to any organization that serves older adults. Any managers or administers can learn a lot from this book, so as gerontologists. And, in this book review, I will try to combine my understanding about organizations and Collins’s concepts from the book, and find out if his concepts can really fit the general organizations that serve older adults. The first sentence in the book is “good is the enemy of great” (Collins, P1). As discussed in the book, ordinarily companies stop moving forward when they are good. And indeed, this happens very often. It is common to stop at the moment when someone achieves good, because good companies make money, and they are better than most of their competitors. Hence, it is hard to reach great. So the differences between a good company and a great company is the time that a company can survive, a great company wants to turn the flywheel until no one can even stop it. I realize that it will be worth to put effort on going from good to great, and eventually turn a company from good to great. In the real world, facilities are very likely to maintain good, especially when they are dealing with frailly old people. If caregivers in the facilities are not educated or not passion about their job, they are usually

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