The Princess Of The River Turning Point Analysis

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Makena McDonald Allen English 9th Honors October 23, 2015 Book 6: The Princess of the River Major Characters: • Narrator • Odysseus • Nausikaa • Athena Setting: • Place: The land of the Phaiákians • Time: years after the Trojan war—everyone else has made it home safely Turning Point Analysis: The turning point in the sixth book is almost right at the beginning. The turning point is including two main characters, Odysseus and Nausikaa. So, at the beginning women of Phaiákians and the princess of Phaiákians are washing clothes down by the water. Then Odysseus washes up on shore unclothed. All of the women cleaning run away in shock, but Nausikaa stays in interest and to help. As this happens Nausikaa is representing xenia. This is the

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