The Printing Press Affected The Reformation

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The printing press is one of the most effective technologies that was highly impactful on today’s history. It revolutionized the way in which we share ideas with each other and helped enhance this communication. Invented in 1440 by Johannes Gutenberg in the Holy Roman Empire, people all over the world were able to read works of others who were across the world. The printing press was one of the most important inventions that changed the history of mankind. Even though the printing press affected the Reformation, it had an even larger impact on Exploration by inspiring others to explore and to create more maps.
The printing press helped inspire others to also explore by reading other explorers experiences. According to Columbus’ letter map, the letter written by Christopher Columbus to the King of Spain was translated into various languages as clearly shown in the map. The letter was translated into Spanish, Latin, Italian, French, and German. This demonstrates in just a few months or so the letter was being translated into several languages allowing people all over the world to get to know about Columbus’ discovery.
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The effects of the printing press vary from translations to news and diagrams. The translation of the letters and increased amount of access to these printing press’ allowed several individuals to be inspired to travel and explore foreign lands. Making the maps using the printing press rather than hand drawing made it more convenient to get in contact with a map. Finally, due to the fact that the Exploration had a more global effect than a limited area like the Reformation, it is clear that the Exploration had the more impactful outcome from the printing press. Many modern day technologies including typewriters are an obvious representation that the printing press was one of the world’s greatest inventions ever created in
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