The Prisoner's Dilemma

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This semester so far in Core 5, we have learned about the Prisoner’s Dilemma. It is a situation in which people each have options as to how to react to something. However, what is unique about this decision, is that each person’s decision is directly affected by the other person’s decision, and vice versa. The outcome of their reaction is dependent on what the other person decided to say. The popular example is of two prisoners who each must separately decide on whether or not to confess to a crime. Each prisoner has the choice as to confess to the crime or to deny their own involvement. This is just an example, though, as the Prisoner’s Dilemma can be applied to many different scenarios. As it relates to climate change, each party has the …show more content…

The first is if we decide global climate change is false and we take no action. The lower right box is what would happen if we did not take action and global climate change happens to be true. The upper left box is if we take action against climate change and it turns out to not be real. The last box, in the lower left, is if we take action and climate change ends up being real. To me, climate change is a very interesting topic and one that can scare a lot of people. I am one of those people. It scares me to think that we, as humans, are slowly destroying our one and only home – Earth. That is why, if I were a character facing this Prisoner’s Dilemma as it relates to climate change, I would first off state that climate change is legitimate and happening and then, secondly, I would decide that we need to take action against …show more content…

Even stated by Dr. Rice, “The evidence is there: nearly 100% of scientists agree” (Rice). It is alarming that millions are ignoring this problem – they are just making it worse. Climate change is, “a rapid increase in temperature caused by increased carbon dioxide levels” (Rice). When people choose to ignore this, they continue to release careless levels of carbon dioxide without any care in the world and continue to ruin our planet. We, as inhabitants of earth, have an obligation to take action and start taking care of our home. Some people, perhaps, choose not to take action because it would be too “difficult” or too “expensive” but that is simply not true. “You can take a stand at home by simply adjusting your thermostat, recycling, and monitoring your electrical use” (Take). Taking action does not mean you must buy a new vehicle or a new home – you can make a change in many small ways. It does not take a lot of time or money to protect our planet and those that live here. If everyone chooses to just do something small, it will make a big

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