The Privatization Of Foster Care

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In Reality, is the Privatization of Foster Care an Ethical Solution to the Dilemmas of the System? The foster care system in America is incredibly corrupt. There is no denying that. America has had issues with foster care since it began about 160 years ago. It first began completely privatized, and as the federacy found ways to fund it, it gradually became entirely public. Yet, there has consistently been problems with its operations. There have been multiple attempts in the government to mend the problem, or at least help. A lot of these “solutions” have been disasters because the foster care system is not continuously overseen and regulated. Children are abused both physically and mentally, and will often age out more damaged than when they first entered the system. There is one particular solution that has come to the surface: privatizing the system again. However, this has never really brought any light to the problem, and even makes situations worse. The privatization of foster care is not an ethical solution to the dilemmas of the system because of the increase of abuse, undeniable deaths, and insurmountable corruption. The public sector of the foster care system has issues with abuse, and the private sector is experiencing an even higher rate of abuse (Therolf). One reason that abuse, in both sectors, occurs is that the children are placed under the care of people who are not properly trained (Slattery). This lack of training often results in multiple types of abuse

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