Nursing Burnout Essay

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Describe the problem Burnout is caused by several factors such as mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion of workload that triggered by prolonged and excessive stress in the work field or around us. It happens when we feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and unable to meet every day demands. As the burden continues, we begin to lose the enthusiasm or motivation. In other-words, burnout can reduce productivity and ruin our energy, leaving us feeling increasingly helpless, cynical, discourage, and resentful that eventually let us feel like there 's no more energy to give. Front line or the primary care nurses feel overloaded, bored or unappreciated when they are unable to meet their daily demands; that causes them to drag themselves out of bed that requires the determination and perseverance of Hercules. Significance of problem in terms of outcomes or statistics Nurses are the front line of primary caregiver that has several responsibilities such as maintaining, promoting, preventing, and recovering the healthcare of patients. The career is filled with several personal responsibilities and collaborating interdependently with other health care professionals, and working independently. Although the profession/ career is filled with personal achievement and rewards, there are persistent mental, emotional, and physical challenges that come with the profession and that’s how nursing burnout can easily happen. According to Jennings (2012), Burnout was created by Freudenberger in 1974,

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