The Problem Of Child Labor Laws Essay

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i. In developing countries, such as in India, child are are forced to work, often as the result of a system of debt bondage where their family trades a small amount of money with an individual and in return, their child is sent away to work, and some of these families will never see their child again. Many of these children, due to the either the lack of regulation or as a result of a country simply “turning a blind eye to the reality of child labor that violates child labor laws”. As we saw in the video from class about the chocolate child labor farmers, many of these children engage in backbreaking work, from sunrise to sunset, and as a result lose their childhood, their ability to go to school, their ability to play with other kids, because of the debt bondage their family agreed to. This is what was experienced by Iqbal Masih. As a four year old boy, his parents sold him into debt bondage for 600 rupees, or less than $6, to an employer who owned a carpet weaving business. Corsaro explains that child labor is especially desired in the carpet weaving business “because they can squat easily, and their nimble fingers can make the smallest, tightest knots”. He woke up before dawn and made his way, bound in chains, down to the factory for work. He worked at that faculty for 6 years, working 12 hours a day, everyday. At the age of ten, he found out that bonded labor was illegal, and tried to escape. After escaping, he made a decision to help others like him, and as a result,

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