The Problem Of Child Sex Trafficking

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Child sex trafficking is an international threat to the happiness of children everywhere. Children are our hope. They are the inspiration for a lot of the humanitarian work in which many people around the world are involved. Threats to the well-being of children are numerous. In addition to many living in less than stable familial environments, children today are continually forced to face the effects of a conflict filled society, regardless of their country of origin.
Creating an environment that extends beyond safety and includes meeting their basic need for food, love, and nurturing continues to be a goal. This must remain a goal as children and the women who care for them remain the most vulnerable to mistreatment and neglect in even the most economically advantaged countries. What follows is a short overview of the status of children worldwide with regard to safety and wellbeing, information about human trafficking, and recommendations for citizen involvement in prevention of the sex trafficking of children.
Essential to the healthy physical and psychological development of children, is that their basic needs are consistently met. Research showed that in addition to physical needs, such as safety, food, shelter and access to medical care, children’s psychological wellness is determined on the nature of relationship with those primarily responsible for their care. Specifically, beginning at birth, the relationship must be characterized by security and uninterrupted
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