The Problem Of Homeless Youth

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LGBT homeless people have been suffering for a substantial amount of time, and it seems as if not many people are aware of this issue. When people think about homeless people they usually do not think about their sexual orientation. But, little do people know that there are many homeless youths that are either lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. Yes, many reasons play into why a youth could be without a roof over his or her head and the sad part of this issue is that one of many reasons. Parents disagree with their child’s sexual orientation and disown them by kicking them out of the house or it could be that it is a runaway youth that is not willing to come out of the closet. Whatever the reason is, we as a society must further understand what goes into play about a homeless youth. The numbers are beyond high, for the population of homeless youth. The number is close to half a million and will soon pass the halfway point Keuroghlian, A. S., Shtasel, D., & Bassuk, E. L. (2014). Being a homeless youth certainly comes with disadvantages to one’s health. Without the resources provided of not being homeless the health can quickly become a great problem in the day to day struggle of living on the street. Not only has the individual has to be worried what they are going to eat, but medicine or support from loved ones cannot be obtained or reached from the loss of contact. What has been an easy task for successfully recovering from health is now a battle between life and

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