The Reasons For Youth Homelessness

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Homelessness can sometimes seem like a surreal thing which does not actually happen to real people, or at least not to the people you know. However, statistically speaking, thirty thousand people are homeless on any given night. For every one of these homeless people, three point five people are what is known as ‘hidden homeless’. Commonly referred to as couch surfers, these are people who have no permanent residence, but stay with relatives or friends temporarily. Young people aged sixteen to twenty four are twenty percent of the homeless population. With these high numbers of homelessness right while we are in high school and while pursuing higher education, of course a large majority are also attempting to cope with homelessness. Reasons for youth homelessness can be a wide range of things, and it can be considered an intersectional issue. One issue that commonly stems from being apart of another minority group, this is especially true for aboriginal people, who are at the highest risk of being homeless in Canada. The most common reasons for youth homelessness are fleeing from abuse and neglect. Studies show seventy percent of homeless youth have suffered from some form of physical, sexual or emotional abuse in their short life time. Another common reason is being kicked out for coming out. It is estimated that one in five homeless youth are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Delays in transfer of school records, lack of transport, and lack of

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