The Problem Of Hybrid Cars

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ota needs to solve the problem in their hybrid Cars in order to make it popular. By: Subindas Kadukaparambil Subramanian Student ID:C0692533 Figure 1: (Toyota, 2015) Introduction Hybrid car is the one that utilize more than one means to power the vehicle. Toyota started manufacturing hybrid cars decades before, still more people are not interested to buy it. Implementing new technology require hard work and, importantly continuous monitoring and rectifying the draw backs. Toyota need to solve their problems in hybrid cars to increase the sale. This report will discuss about: • Issues related to battery in hybrid car. • Lack of plug-in infrastructure for hybrid car in Canada. • Hybrid cars are not suitable for winter climate. • Less …show more content…

The Autobytel reports that “A 220-volt-or-better charging post is needed to make PHEV use truly practical on a regular basis” (Hunting, ND). Developing infrastructure required for charging the cars is a good option to attract buyers. Right now they are confused about the battery capacity while they are going for long ride. Company can reduce the size and capacity of battery if they develop the plug-in infrastructure there by increasing the fuel efficiency and handling of the car. And this will make the hybrid cars peoples favourite. Hybrid cars are not suitable for winter climate Battery will discharge more rapidly in cold climate. The Autobytel reports that “Batteries discharge more quickly in cold weather” (Hunting, ND). Quick discharge of battery will reduce its life. Company should provide an extra thermal seal covering to maintain the temperature in required range Increased use of heater in hybrid cars during winter reduce the fuel mileage and overall efficiency. The Autobytel reports that “In winter, drivers demand more from their automobile 's electric system, especially when it comes to heating, and this further taxes fuel mileage and overall efficiency” (Hunting, ND). In winter people, cannot drive without using the heaters all the time, this increased use of electricity will drain the battery rapidly. Less power than other conventional engine vehicles Hybrid cars have less power compared to other petrol or diesel engine

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