The Problem Of Moral And Ethical Issue

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29 years old Brittany Maynard, she’s been married for just over a year and has terminal brain cancer. In April 2014, she had six months or less left to live. She made a decision to move from California to Oregon to access that state’s Death with Dignity Act. The law authorized her to a take life-ending medication, so she can pass away gently and peacefully at home with family. Also she said she is not suicidal, she doesn’t want to die. But there’s no treatments that save her life. And she wants to die on her own terms. She posted her video on “Youtube” that she’s planning to end her life on November 1, 2014. She had life ending medication that prescribed by her doctor on November 1 surrounded by her family. Her story has gone viral. Millions have been inspired by her strength and bravery. Also there are many arguments for death with dignity and against it. There are many concerning about moral and ethical issue. Is it “Right to die” or “Right to live”? What about Medical World’s opinion? Keep the Hippocratic Oath or Respect Patient’s Dignity? Religious aspect is also important, is your belief can get over the life-end suffering? In 1994 Oregon State established Death with Dignity Act, the first U.S state and one of the first jurisdictions in the world to permit terminally ill patients to end their own life. In 2008, Washington State established death with dignity Act, followed by the 2013 Vermont State’s Patient Choice and Control at the End of Life Act, California just

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