The Problem Of Overcrowding In Prisons In The United States

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Overcrowding There are a handful amount of prisons around the United States, but no matter how many there is it seems like there isn’t enough of them. A problem we have in the the prison system is that there is too much overcrowding. A way we can change that is to have less harsh sentencing, be more equal to the minority groups, and be more considerate about the inhumane conditions the prisoners go through. The overcrowding in prisons make it hard for the inmates to interact with each other and instead causes violence and more fights. The prison system should improve and it showed sentence prisoners in a more reasonable way. To begin with, one way we can solve the problem of overcrowding in the prisons throughout the United States is sentencing prisoners less harsh. Many prisoners are serving life long sentence for minor infractions. In the article "Too Many Prison Inmates? It's Not So Simple" the author, Morris Hoffman who is a judge argues, “In fact, there is a large body of criminological research that shows that just a handful of criminal law doctrines—including three strikes laws and mandatory minimums for simple drug possession—drive sentences substantially higher than the average citizen believes is just.”. Anyone can be in prison for many years just for having drug possession and that eventually leads to overcrowding which also leads to bad living conditions for inmates.

In order to reduce overcrowding we can choose an alternatives for punishing those who

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