The Problem Of Plastic Surgery

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Valeria Lukyanova, a Romanian young woman had more than a hundred surgeries in order to look like Barbie. She decided to have a huge number of plastic surgeries, regardless of the price, just to reach her ideal physical appearance. As shocking as it can be, these examples make people realize that looks are very important in our society and that plastic surgery is therefore becoming a little too common. Today a real addiction to plastic surgery might be threatening our world.
Plastic surgery is spreading more and more nowadays due to better knowledge in medicine but also to the changes in people’s attitudes and state of mind. It used to be a way to help people in real need but is now used for small details people want to change, because their look mostly determines their level of self-esteem. In fact, beauty is taking a lot of importance and so does “sexiness”. The image of the perfect human given by the media has been changing the way people see themselves. Plastic surgery has become more common because it is an easy way to change physical appearance. However, the number of eating disorders has also increased but for people who can afford it, it is always more convenient to get an operation.
Plastic surgery should not be as common because it makes people fake in a way. It occurs when people are obsessed with their looks and will have as many surgeries as they can to be as close to “their” perfection as they can be. It can be said that there is an addiction to plastic surgery

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