The Problem Of Prison Overcrowding

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Prison overcrowding has been seen as an issue since the early 1990’s in California. It all began when California began to aggressively increased sentencing in the late 1980’s and 1990’s in response to a nationwide fear about crime rates. During this time period California “enacted more than 1,000 laws that increased sentencing in a five-year span to settle these fears” (Fuchs). The effect of these laws resulted in a high prison population when California prisons reached a number of 173,000 by 2007. In the past few years, California has made several attempts to reduce the number of inmates through proposition 47, which is a measured that was passed last year that lets low-level offenders apply to be resentenced. If overcrowding continues to increase in California’s jail system, and propositions like prop 47 continue to remain in effect, many criminals will have a higher chance to walk out sooner from jails without serving their time, allowing criminals to roam our streets and continue committing crimes. If criminals are given an easy way out prison by benefiting from proposition 47, then California citizens should continue to remain in fear regarding crime rates. Proposition 47 focuses on criminals who were convicted with drug or theft related crimes. Proposition 47 allows criminals to get out of prison not because they deserve to get out of prison but because California is suffering from prison overcrowding. These criminals are being easily released by getting resentenced
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